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The ALPINA HACKNEY DISNEY is a bicycle helmet with a wide range of uses for children and young...mehr
Produktinformationen "ALPINA HACKNEY DISNEY Minnie Mouse"
The ALPINA HACKNEY DISNEY is a bicycle helmet with a wide range of uses for children and young people. It offers maximum safety and attracts everyone's attention with its Disney motifs. Cars, Frozen II, Star Wars and Minnie Mouse tell exciting stories on the helmet that you simply have to love. But the ALPINA HACKNEY DISNEY has more to tell. The bicycle helmet has a face, a friendly wink and also a bit cheeky with the front air intakes. But most importantly, the ALPINA HACKNEY DISNEY protects the young people on all their adventures. Not only due to the sturdy Inmold construction and the shock-absorbing EPS, but also with a guardian angel shaped through the upper helmet openings. The guardian angel can also be understood with a wink, but it is also a symbol with a clear statement: Alpina protects you. Always. Everywhere. The ventilation inlets form a face and a guardian angel, but are mainly responsible for optimal ventilation. Comfort is also provided by the height-adjustable Run system. This makes adjustment child's play and ensures maximum wearing comfort. As an option, a plug-in light can be integrated into the rear of the ALPINA HACKNEY DISNEY, allowing the kids to be noticed early by other road users even in poor lighting conditions. Because visibility brings safety.

Einfach bedienbares Gurtschloss mit verdrehsicherer, mehrstufiger Rastautomatik.


Einstellbare Gurtbänder an den Ohren

Hard Shell
Hard Shell

Hardshell garantiert eine robuste und schlagfeste Außenschale

Custom Fit
Custom Fit

Individuelle Helmanpassung durch ein neigbares Verstellsystem am Hinterkopf

Größen: 47-51, 51-56
Einsatzbereich: Junior/Kids
Helmbeleuchtung: optional
Farben: Disney Minnie Mouse
Visier: Nein
Kampagnenfarbe: Disney
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