JUMP 2.0 HM, ski helmet

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Boundless fun on the slopes with the Jump 2.0 HM. The visor not only provides protection against...mehr
Produktinformationen "JUMP 2.0 HM white matt"
Boundless fun on the slopes with the Jump 2.0 HM. The visor not only provides protection against wind and enough space to wear prescription glasses, but also enhances the contrast vision thanks to the Hicon mirror lens. Changes in terrain or danger spots are recognized better like this, which provides safety and means comfort for the eyes. Additionally, the visor provides 100% protection against UV-A, UV-B and UV-C rays. Independent design, high quality fitting and workmanship, proven fit: The Jump 2.0 is one of the premium visor helmets from Alpina. It has a structuring in the EPS, whereby the ventilation is clearly noticeable. Air is actively channelled into the interior, guided along the head and moved outwards via openings in the rear. This prevents heat build-up and guarantees optimal air circulation. The Run system, with which the helmet can be adapted to the individual head shape, is combined with a neck warmer. This keeps the neck pleasantly warm even on cold and windy days skiing and in addition, the comfort is improved.
Airstream Control
Airstream Control

Regulierung des Luftstroms durch einstellbare Belüftungsöffnungen


Einfach bedienbares Gurtschloss mit verdrehsicherer, mehrstufiger Rastautomatik.


Optimale Stoßabsorption  durch das Hi-EPS-Material aus mikroskopisch kleinen Luftkammern

Hard Shell
Hard Shell

Hardshell garantiert eine robuste und schlagfeste Außenschale

Run System Classic
Run System Classic

Für optimale Anpassungsmöglichkeiten sorgt das Run System Classic, das mit dem höhenverstellbaren Custom Fit System kombiniert ist

abnehmbare Ohrenpolster

Seitlicher Schutz dank stabiler Ohren


Hoher Komfort und angenehmes Klima durch einen Nackenwärmer aus weichem Microfleece


Helm mit fest integriertem Visier

Größen: 59-61, 55-58, 52-54
Einsatzbereich: Visor
Farben: white matt
Filterkategorie: S2
Visier: Ja
Waschhinweise: Innenfutter: Schonwäsche 30°
Normen: EN 1077 Klasse B
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