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Picture of the Hardbraker in cycling outfits


They ride fast and their name is actual a contradiction in itself: the Hardbrakers. The Hamburg crew of students, designers, engineers, DJs and artists of all kinds ride in only one gear and know only one kind of throttle: Full throttle.

Every year the Hardbrakers go on a grand tour. 2012 started with the Fixie around Lake Constance. A lot has happened since then. Among others: Budapest - Istanbul, Lisbon - Marrakech, Sao Paulo - Rio de Janeiro, Saigon - Siem Reap - Bangkok, most importantly: the extraordinary. And be it in the desert, in the mountains, in big cities, on gravel roads or motorways - a fixed-gear bike is all the Hardbrakers need to be free. For all those who are not so positively barmy, you can but dream - and watch the video documentaries of these grand tours.