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Life is full of adventure. Just like our blog. Here is where we tell the stories that our friends are experiencing with our helmets and goggles. At the same time we provide you with the biggest product news from our Bavarian headquarters in Sulzemoos.

Click on one of the pins on the interactive map and we will take you with us - on the travels of our athletes or to present our latest developments.

Sit back and let our stories inspire you. After all, there's nothing better than getting away from it all. Away from everyday life, away from your job, into nature.

Christian Grasmann in front of the Siegestor
Christian Grasmann meeting a friend in a café

04/2019 // Christian Grasmann

Conquer the City - Munich

On a bike, you can see the world through different eyes and from a whole new perspective.…

Selfie of Dennis Müller in the rain

03/2019 // Dennis Müller

Gravel royal - Cycling through New Zealand

2,800 kilometres, an endless number of experiences, 1 bike: On his Bergamont Grandurace…

Dennis Müller cycling through New Zealand
Two cyclists with their luggage on the road
Skier in front of a cloudy mountain

09/2018 // Jochen Mesle

Eis & Palmen

1830 kilometres, 35000 metres altitude, once over the Alps. The two freeski athletes Max…

Basti Huber skiing under blue sky
portrait of Basti Huber in ski clothes

09/2018 // Basti Huber

Project manager, dad, skier

Winter is not the same for everyone. Everyone associates this cold season with different…

Sandra Lahnsteiner working on her laptop

09/2018 // Sandra Lahnsteiner

Level Up

Not all winters are the same. Everyone associates the cold season with something…

Sandra Lahnsteiner freeriding