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09/2018 //

ALPINA MAROI: 100% Freeride

In Austria’s Vorarlberg Alps the summit of the Maroi towers at a height of 2548 metres, a roughly-hewn block of bare rock and raw nature. The place has become a mecca for powder skiing pros, thanks to fields of snow like cotton wool and metre-deep drops. It‘s a paradise for freeriders – and the home of the ski helmet ALPINA MAROI.

Design, features, fit – everything that the ALPINA MAROI offers has been optimised for market readiness, in collaboration with our athletes and brand ambassadors.

Clear lines and a clean design combine to produce a distinctive modern shape. The helmet shell consists of two polycarbonate plates joined in an invisible bond thanks to our Seamless Connection process. Edge Protect reinforces the full circumference of the helmet and smooth surface joins further enhance the quality of the exterior.

Shot of skihelmet and goggle in combination
backview of a product combination of skihelmet and goggle

The outside also benefits from numerous air vents integrated at strategic points to ensure that the goggles are well ventilated and plenty of cool air is supplied to the Air Channels. The airflow inside the helmet is now directed along the whole head thanks to a new design in the EPS which simultaneously supplies cool air and transports heat away.

The ALPINA MAROI is the most uncompromising free-riding helmet that APLINA has ever designed.

One feature that’s not new but has consistently proven itself over time is the fit. It is the same design as the ALPINA’s best-selling helmet, the GRAP. This was the model the development of the ALPINA MAROI was based on. The optimised interior with moulded structure and cushion sections guarantees optimum comfort of wear and safety as the head is enclosed all round – for maximum protection and maximum fun in the backcountry.

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