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The Spree with the Museum Island

05/2019 // Mianzi Rei

Conquer the City - Berlin

"Berlin, Berlin, you are so wonderful, Berlin", is a well-known jingle line. Another line from Peter Fox's song goes like this: "Berlin, you can be so ugly". In any case, Berlin is unique – and the bike gives you another perspective on the capital. Cycling is a perfect way to explore the city. Fixie rider and blogger Mianzi Rei shows us her Berlin, her favourite spots. And how best to reach them - by bike, of course. Follow her through Berlin, discover the city – and conquer it! Conquer the city!



Without munch, no steam, is the name of the game in racing circles. That's why Janine Döring, as Mianzi Rei is called in real life, starts her Berlin City trip in Mitte with a burrito. But the Mexican specialty does not have to be unhealthy fast food. This is demonstrated by the fact that the "Dolores Burrito" is also available in many vegan options. And Janine has proven in many races that vegan athletes are not slower than meat eaters. The petite, blonde athlete has often beamed down from atop the podium.

Mianzi Rei in front the Café "Dolores Burrito"


You can race in Berlin every day, at every traffic light. This allows you to train your start and polish up your ego. But Janine relaxes as she crosses and cycles along the Spree towards Neukölln. Fixie riders are almost in the majority in this trendy district. The goal of most of them is the freedom of the Tempelhofer Feld. At the disused airport, anyone can leave the stress of the city behind, power through a few relaxing laps, and enjoy the tranquillity. Or drink a coffee nearby. At the Nathanja & Heinrich café/bar, stylish minimalism is the order of the day – and you meet interesting, creative people with whom you can talk about new steel frames or world politics. Regardless of whether it is midday or evening, this is a nice and trendy place.

Mianzi Rei on her bike and a picture of the Tempelhofer Feld

But Janine spends her evening in a different location, so it's back onto the bike, past Hallesches Tor, over Potsdamer Platz, to Pariser Platz and the Brandenburg Gate. You simply have to make a stop here when you're in Berlin; it's the symbol of the city and the classic for visitors.


After visiting all the Tors and doing all the touristy stuff, it's off to the wood market. This is where the city tour really starts to take shape, finding a new beginning and an open end. The wood market was a construction site for a long time and was then bought and rebuilt by the creative Berlin party scene. Rebuilt into its own little world that works in itself. In Janine's eyes, it is the most beautiful part of Berlin.


the Holzmarkt in Berlin

All age groups are represented in the wood market. Sometimes they stay for two hours, sometimes longer, sometimes the whole night. In the creative village, there are things like the World Trash Center, the self-proclaimed "Center for Awareness of the Disposable Society". Here, art meets consumer criticism. Nevertheless, coffee, home-brewed beer, wine, pizza or even upscale cuisine can still be consumed. The parallel world wood market invites you to feast and dream, but at some point every dream ends and it goes back to reality. Or what one considers to be reality. The main thing is that in this reality, there is still a bicycle world.