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09/2018 // Sandra Lahnsteiner

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Not all winters are the same. Everyone associates the cold season with something different, everyone can tell their own winter story. No matter whether you are an amateur sportsperson or professional freerider. What makes your winter? This is the question we asked our athletes: To find out how versatile, special and exciting our favourite season can be.

I broke my cruciate ligament for the first time at the age of 15, my dream of alpine skiing was more or less over.

Searching for the perfect snow – this is Sandra Lahnsteiner’s favourite thing to do in winter, which never really ends for her. She travels almost all year round. Either for her film projects or for her athletes, whom she looks after as a mental coach. For a long time, her goal was the alpine racing circuit – until she broke her cruciate ligament for the first time at the age of 15. The dream: shattered. She became a state-certified ski instructor, and discovered freeriding and her love of remote downhill runs.

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Two women are climbing the summits with their skis

She has made a name for herself on the scene with her film projects. What makes them special: in "Shades of Winter" (2013), "Pure" (2014) and "Between" (2016), the focus lies on women in skiing. Passion, achievement, friendship, adventure, entertainment, inspiration – all this and much more can be found in Sandra's films. As a producer, she has significantly influenced women's skiing and raised it to a new level.

Besides her career as a freerider and film producer, Sandra's third area of focus is her job as a mental coach. She looks after top athletes in ski racing. Her work with Olympic champion Anna Veith particularly stands out. In order to reconcile skiing and her job, Sandra likes to put her alarm clock back two hours in winter. The working day begins for her at five o'clock in the morning before she sets off for the snow in the mountains. As soon as she stands on her powder skis, skiing takes priority over everything: because the time spent with friends in the snow makes winter special for Sandra.

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