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Felix Wiemers and Roman Rohrmoser with their touring ski

04/2019 // Felix Wiemers

Montafon is calling

What a winter. Meter-high powder, bright sun, the whole season. In the free skier scene, the winter of 18/19 will be talked about for a long time. One video after another will be made - and the images from them will be shown to grandchildren. The Alpina athletes Felix Wiemers and Roman Rohrmoser were also stunned by the conditions. Contemporary witness Felix has captured his memories for posterity's sake.

It was certainly one of the best winters of all times - even if the weather forced me to temporarily leave my beloved home resort, the Zillertal. My destination: the Montafon. For me, it was my first shooting on the Montafon, because I always missed these sessions in recent seasons. Too many trips, too many competitions. I packed for this trip with anticipation and excitement, because the storms from the north were delivering the white gold in masses. Our team for the trip: Michi Bernshausen, the brain of Midiafilm as videographer, Thilo Brunner for the stills, Roman Rohrmoser and me for the action.

Snow at the end of the tunnel

After we had passed the Arlberg tunnel, we were surprised despite the forecast: This winter it snowed so hellaciously fast that there was much more snow than expected and it was still snowing. The forecast for the next days was really good too so we decided to have a short dinner and get in a long sleep before the first shooting day.

Felix Wiemers skitouring in Montafon

Am nächsten Morgen starteten wir früh, sahen die Sonne aber erst um elf. Da der Schnee wirklich gut war, hatten wir so ein bisschen Zeit für einige Warm-Up-Runs. Und dann: Party on! Perfekter Schnee, first Lines, Cliffs, Spines, Ridges, Sonne. Aber ich will nicht zu viel schwärmen, es war auch wirklich anstrengend ;) Und dann kam auch noch „Pech“ dazu. Ein defekter Lift. Das bedeutete: Wir mussten für jeden weiteren Run etwa 20 Minuten hiken. Das bedeutete aber auch: unendlich viel weißes Gold - nur für uns. Dagobert Duck muss nach den Schwimmrunden in seinen Goldmünzen abends ähnlich platt gewesen sein wie wir an diesem Tag. Dafür schmeckte uns der Burger danach umso besser.

One of these days

Our second day at the Montafon was not the best day. I'm not saying that ironically - but we used it to explore, which benefited us the next day. Roman discovered some really nice slopes far away from the ski resort. So we decided to go on a tour to get there. And then we were lucky again. Sun and snow. Good snow. No, really good snow. We hiked up these slopes several times - and of course skied down again. I will say one word about this: Baaaam!

Unfortunately you couldn't be there, but we have everything on film. So we'll take you with us in a way. It will be a great film!

Stay tuned