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Colour: blue


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Order number: A92379.10 Unsere einzigartige von ALPINA entwickelte Scheibentechnologie QuattroVarioflex verhilft... more
Order number: A92379.10

Our unique QuattroVarioflex lens technology, developed by Alpina, helps winter sports enthusiasts enjoy significantly better visibility. The specially coloured lens in ruby red reduces the proportion of blue in visible light. This increases contrasts in the snow, allowing surroundings to be perceived better and more quickly. Thanks to the lens’s brightening effect, the contours and textures of the piste can be perceived better even in poor weather conditions (snowfall, fog, diffuse light). A polarisation film of highest optical quality built into the lens completes the Quattroflex effect: Distracting scattered light and glares are filtered out and the contrast is also enhanced. Reflections and mirroring are minimised, which allows icy surfaces and dangerous situations to be seen much better and therefore responded to more quickly. In combination with Varioflex technology, in which the lenses adapt automatically to the weather, this visor offers a broad variety of uses. The self-tinting (photochromatic) lenses react to visible light. When exposed to radiation, chemical elements "open up" and create a comprehensive darkening effect. When the light intensity decreases, the chemical elements close and the lens becomes brighter again. This process takes seconds.  

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