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Splitboarding in Iceland

09/2018 // Aline Bock

A land shaped by women

Anne-Flore Marxer and Aline Bock have been fighting for the emancipation of women as professional snowboarders for their entire career. In society, in professional life and in their male-dominated sport. That's why her new film "a land shaped by women" is about a country that brings gender equality between women and men to the fore more than any other: Iceland. The two freeride world champions travelled there. And were inspired by the native women.

Iceland's women are fascinating.

"When we found out that Iceland was voted number one by the United Nations in the area of gender equality for nine consecutive years, we immediately jumped into our campers, drove to the northernmost point of Denmark to take the ferry to Iceland from there,” says Anne-Flore. Together with Aline she spent the whole winter there. The two were guided by the snow, sun and swell. In doing so, exploring the mountains on splitboard, discovering the sea on surfboard and always meeting and swapping ideas with Icelandic women. "We wanted to thereby see how historical events influenced the mentality of today's women," says Anne-Flore.

Planning the travel route
coffee break in a hut

Right at the start of their journey, they met Katrin Oddsdóttir, a human rights lawyer co-responsible for formulating Iceland's new constitution. From Vilborg Arna Gissurardóttir, Anne-Flore and Aline got some motivation tips. She is the first Icelandic woman to climb Mount Everest, and what’s more, tackled an expedition to the South Pole completely on her own. In the north, the two made an agreement to snowboard with Heida Birgisdóttir. She is Iceland's first-ever surfer, one of the first snowboarders and the founder of legendary women's boardsports clothing brand Nikita. "Her modest, relaxed nature and passion for doing the things she loves reminds us that women do not necessarily have to show a strong self-confidence to achieve big goals," notes Aline.

Surfing in Iceland

Last but not least, they met Una Torfadottir, a young woman who wrote a poem that startles. It's about the way our society judges women by their looks. Iceland is leading the way in the modern history of gender equality. It is the first country in the world to have elected a female president by universal suffrage. Iceland has at the forefront of the United Nations Gender Equality Index for a long time - nine consecutive years. Strong women, impressive nature and an interesting perspective on equality - Anne-Flore and Aline have experienced and learnt a lot in Iceland, and show their impressions in their new film - "a land shaped by women".

Through its sensitive narrative style, the film skilfully combines the format of the sports and adventure film with the socio-politically highly relevant topic of equal rights.

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[Photo credit Eleonora Raggi]