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With the Bergmanns in the snow

12/2019 //

With the Bergmanns in the snow

Winter sports. Once you are infected with it, the longing for the sport in the white gold will never go away. No matter where in the world, the mountains shout so loudly that the message always arrives - at least with the people mentioned first. The same goes for the Bergmann family from Berlin. Mother, father, daughter, son. A happy family, but: they live in Berlin. Here the mountains are so flat that you can't see them. In other words: there are no mountains. Especially not for skiing.


But the Bergmanns are infected. They want to teach their children the same values they were taught by their parents - and also make skiing possible for them. That's why they go to the Alps every year. Without any guarantee of sun and powder, but with the certainty of experiencing an unforgettable time as a family.

The skis are waxed, the outfit fits, helmet and glasses sit on head and nose. Nothing pinches, nothing pinches, perfect vision, warm head. While Lenni and Mila are still hesitant about setting their swings on the freshly groomed piste, and pizza and chips are used as teaching aids, Papa Bernd and Mama Marlen are still at their old level even after a year of abstinence. Whether carving, short turns on steep slopes or powder turns - it feels right and good, of course. Learned is learned.

Kkcchttt, a scratching noise. Lenni has overlooked a small ice plate, he loses control of his right ski and plops his butt into the snow. Mila laughs. Falling right in front of his little sister is really annoying. But it's also part of it somehow. Fortunately, only Tom's ego is hurt, his ass is fine. Knock off the snow, drive on. That's also skiing.

Lose yourself in the moment, enjoy nature, experience speed without thinking about everyday life, work or equipment. That's flow, that's the goal when you drive into the mountains. Knowing that you are optimally protected, even if you don't just fall on your ass, is a good feeling. But the feeling doesn't always have to be present, the important thing is that it is like that.

The Bergmanns enjoy their day in the snow without worrying about their safety. They think about where they can put their next swing, from the plough position to the shooting position, over which kicker they could jump. That's the way it should be. They concentrate on themselves and enjoy the moment, we take care of the rest.

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