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portrait shot of Alpina athlete Christian Grasmann

Christian Grasmann

Lycra in cool. Christian Grasmann (*16.03.1981), who everyone just calls Grasi, has an ambitious goal: He wants to show that cycle racing can also be a relaxed way to live your life. So he set out on his mission, first as a lone fighter at six-day races and then with his own team and trademark long beard. Since then his legs have the seen him through around 80 six-day races, including two victories, two German championship titles and many more victories around the globe.


The Maloja Pushbikers, Grasis Team, have had professional status since 2019. The founder himself no longer competes in Lycra, he manages the team from Holzkirchen or sits in the team car, which can sometimes also be one of his classic cars. Style rather than aero is everything for the Pushbikers.

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Christian Grasmann on his road bike


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