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Portrait shot of Duncan Shaw

Duncan Shaw

The perfect day for Duncan Shaw: get up early, take care of business - and then enjoy the rest of the day on the bike with a clear mind. In the evening, celebrate with a BBQ or at a party with friends. This (or a similar variant thereof) is how the Scottish trialling pro (*24.10.1987) has been spending his life since he was 13 years old, having fallen in love with all things on two wheels. Since then, he has been conquering the city with his trial bike, balanced on rails, jumping from bridge railings and making his own bike park out of all sorts of urban obstacles. With the Drop and Roll Show, Duncan tours through Europe, Africa, Asia and the USA with Danny MacAskill and Ali Clarkson. Over 250 shows have been put together since 2014. But he prefers to ride on the streets of his homeland, in Glasgow. At all events and rides, Duncan passionately likes to produce content. The main thing for him is to have as much fun as possible.