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Andi Wittmann cycling in front of a graffiti

05/2019 // Andi Wittmann

Conquer the City - Innsbruck

On a bike, you can see the world through different eyes and from a whole new perspective. Cycling is a perfect way of exploring a city. Faster than walking, and more reliable than a bus, train or car. Did we mention that it is also flexible? Get from A to B very quickly, stop for coffee in the park, head down to the river, follow it to the coast, and enjoy a well-earned ice cream. A bike helps you to achieve your goals. All of your goals. Our friends would like to show you some of their favourite parts of their home towns, and to tell you how to get there. Follow them through the city – come, see and conquer! Conquer the city!

Bars, cafés, graffiti, green spaces. And: Mountains. Innsbruck is a mish-mash of mountains and city, sport and lifestyle. For former professional cyclist Andi Wittmann, the state capital of Tyrol, which lies on the banks of the River Inn, is like a second home. The Arzler Alm Trail on the Nordkette has been one of Andi’s favourites since the painful end of his skiing career. Just like Innsbruck itself. Gliding through the city on his fixed-gear bike (“fixie”), showing off a few flowing tricks, meeting friends, and having fun all along the way – that is Andi Wittmann's perfect itinerary for a visit to Innsbruck.


Andi Wittmann cycling in Innsbruck

The city’s Landhausplatz is not only popular with those wanting to admire its modern architecture. Thanks to its obstacles and ramps, the square is also perfect for skating and BMX biking. Andi Wittmann heads to the square, and warms up for his day's cycling by performing a few wheelies and stops. Suddenly, his phone buzzes: “Fancy a lemonade by the river later?” – “I’ll be there with bells on!” That’s his evening sorted.

Andi cycles along the River Inn, past the New Tivoli stadium, and through the underpasses. Innsbruck is thriving. This can be seen in every nook, cranny and graffiti stroke. There is time for an espresso under the arches. Later, a new day dawns for the night owls. This is where university students come to party. Innsbruck is “in”, casual, young, urban – and a popular destination for athletes from all over the world, both in winter and summer.

Andi Wittmann with his bike in Innsbruck

After cycling along the exhausting trail and a tour of the city, Andi is looking forward to a cold drink on the banks of the river. The River Inn is 517 kilometres long. Andi has not cycled the whole distance today, but his restful evening is well-deserved. There is something about rivers that gives you a sense of restlessness and wanderlust, but at the same time conveys peace and strength. These qualities will come in useful for your next city tour, your next trail, and life itself. Enjoying the evening sunlight with friends and feeling the refreshing alpine breeze in your hair is the perfect end to a day in this city of experiences.


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