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Freerider Bastian Huber in front of mountain panorama

09/2018 // Basti Huber

Project manager, dad, skier

Winter is not the same for everyone. Everyone associates this cold season with different things, and we all have our own winter’s tales to tell. That's true, regardless of whether you are a amateur sportsman or a professional free-rider. What makes your winter? We asked our athletes this question, to find out just how varied, special and exciting our favourite season can be.

Ski tours run until the early summer. I want to enjoy the winter for as long as possible.
Cyclist in front of winter panorama
Freeriding under blue sky

Sebastian Huber is fascinated by the mountains. He always has been, and always will be. So much so, he left his native Germany 17 years ago, and moved to the Alps. To Innsbruck, to be precise. He fell in love with his new surroundings and stayed there. It was there that he started a family, and discovered two passions: winter and ski touring. The warmer the spring weather is, the further up the mountain Sebastian heads. That is also the case for a long time after the ski lifts have closed and the season has officially ended. High up in the mountains, he enjoys his very own extended winter. He can get away from his everyday life, and all the stress and hullabaloo. In the mountains, he is alone, and has time to himself, and space to clear his mind.

I cannot imagine living anywhere else.

Down in the valley, away from the back country, the 36-year-old project manager works for a sports marketing agency. He produces major film and photography projects, organises events, and works with athletes in the areas of free skiing and trail running. He is therefore dedicated to the outdoor scene. His profession and passion are perfectly combined. Sebastian is a skier. Sebastian is a project manager. He is also a father. He tries to share his passion for skiing with his two children. He practises with them as often as possible on the local nursery slopes. Up on the ski lift, down with the right flow. Sebastian's enthusiasm has been successfully handed down – his children are learning quickly, and do not want their skis to leave their feet. The mountains, the powder, the tranquillity, and fun on the slopes with his family. For Sebastian, these are the ingredients for a special winter. Many people think that the winter should be shorter; but for Sebastian, it is never long enough.

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