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Film poster of "The Tyrolean and his Piefke"

09/2019 // Felix Wiemers

The Tyrolean and his Piefke

A real friendship. Between a Tyrolean with a Piefke. Can that go well? Roman Rohrmoser and Felix Wiemers have been skiing together for over ten years. And it seems to work. Their new film "Der Tiroler und sein Piefke" deals with the origins of the two freeskiers. Not everything in it is to be taken always completely seriously, smirkers are guaranteed in any case - just like inspiring ski action.


Felix Wiemers and Roman Rohrmoser skiing in the backcountry

The story of the film: Felix, a classic "Piefke" who has been travelling to Tyrol since he was a child, meets the local skiing giant Roman there. Although they speak the same language, new challenges arise due to their origins. Winter, on the other hand, doesn't leave the two in the lurch, thanks to almost perfect conditions, they are able to do what they have in common: big airs, plenty of tricks, big mountain lines, long ski tours and deepest powder snow action in the forest. The season had everything on offer - and was captured by the production company midiafilm with Michael Bershausen in the Zillertal, the home of Roman Rohrmoser and the winter home of choice of Felix Wiemers. A coincidence that here is the origin of the Piefke legend?

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Film poster of "The Tyrolean and his Piefke"

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