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portrait shot of enduro biker Patrick Schweika

Patrick Schweika

Like flying – only better: dirt jumping. Patrick Schweika is a pioneer of this sport. Suicide no hander, nac nac, flat spin, superman. While these feats would seem life-threatening to a mere mortal, Patrick is ready to perform them even when he gets woken up at 3 o’clock in the morning – and all without a cape.

Even as a young boy, Paddy loved to ride bikes that flew through the air. I want to do that too someday, he said then. And he did: From cross country to downhill and four cross, his path led him to dirt jumping – and to ten successful years of competitive sports. Even after the end of his career, Patrick has remained true to bike sports. As a model, cyclist photographer, author and trailblazer, with cycling as the central theme. His love and enthusiasm for cycling lives on. And always will.