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08/2019 // AlpineBiking

Trail Check - AlpineBiking

No enduro without a trail! Luckily there's a wide range of trails out there, so many you'll be spoilt for choice. To help you out, our friends and athletes will write about and rate their favourite trails from time to time, with tips, inspiration and motivation included in each post. Life is too short to ride bad trails.


Monte Tamaro

Difficulty level: red

Flow: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Characteristics: Nature trail, roots, stones; Wonderful views and easy cycling in the upper part of the alpine terrain. The middle part passes through the forest, and is quite challenging. That is down to rocky passages and short, crisp uphill stretches.

Special features: Heading above the forest and taking in the magnificent panoramic view is especially rewarding. If the weather decides to play along, that is.

Length: 14 km trail

Time requirement/departure: Depending on your cycling ability, this should be planned as a day tour.

Elevation gain, ascent: Most of the ascent is made by cable car. The moderately steep route, which is lined with coarse gravel and stones, then leads 300 vertical metres uphill. The route can also be started from the foot of the mountain. To get back to the cable car, you have to cycle a distance of 10 km at an altitude of 100 vertical metres.

Elevation gain, departure: 1500 vertical metres

Valley starting point: Rivera (Ticino), Switzerland 

Trail starting point: Capanna Tamaro

Personal conclusion: A magnificent trail which is quite challenging due to its length, and some difficult passages – especially in the middle section. With the right cycling skills (S2, with some S3 areas), this is a flowing and fun trail.

Blindsee Trail

Difficulty level: blue

Flow: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Characteristics: A well-developed nature trail. In the past few years, the trail has been greatly alleviated and prepared for mountain bikers.

Special features: The views from the ski resort and above the Blindsee are beautiful. Don't forget to pack your swimsuit, so that you can cool off in the lake after tackling the trail.

Length: 7 km

Time requirement/departure: approx. 1 hour

Elevation gain, ascent: The cable car takes you well above the trail, and you only have to make a short ascent by bike.

Elevation gain, departure: 650 vertical metres

Valley starting point: Lermoos, Austria

Trail starting point: Grubigalm

Personal conclusion: The Blindsee Trail offers beautiful panoramic views, and is quite easy to cycle along. Unfortunately, if you want a “real” nature trail, you might be a little bit disappointed. This trail is suitable for all abilities.

Bormio 3000

Difficulty level: red

: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Nature trail, stones, roots and meadows From the mountain station, the route flows downhill, along alpine terrain and large stone slabs. Warning: high risk of snake bites! The trail stretches around a seemingly endless curve, before leading up a short ascent and entering the forest. The trail offers everything from bumpy roads, to rolling mountain pastures and natural and rooty forest trails.

Special features: Alpine terrain with sensational views. Several photo opportunities, and places to stop for a breather. Reaching the lake, having completed approx. 1/3 of the route, is very refreshing.

Length: 16 km trail

Time requirement/departure: Depending on your cycling ability, this should be planned as a day tour. It can also be combined with other trails starting in St. Caterina.

Elevation gain, ascent: The cable car takes you right up to the start of the trail. It is also easy to roll back along the route to Bormio from St. Caterina.

Elevation gain, departure: 1600 vertical metres; 350 vertical metres uphill on the entire route.

Valley starting point: Bormio, Italy

Trail starting point: Bormio 3000 mountain station

Personal conclusion: This trail can only be described as EPIC. It is everlasting. The ascent does not feel as though it is getting steeper. The route includes all surface types, and it is framed by beautiful mountain scenery.