ALPINA 5W1NG Q+CM, sports glasses

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The 5W1NG has a wide range of applications as sports and ski goggles. An optional foam padding...more
Product information "ALPINA 5W1NG pink-green-yellow Q+CM"

The 5W1NG has a wide range of applications as sports and ski goggles. An optional foam padding converts the 5W1NG into a pair of goggles suitable for use on the slopes and cross-country ski runs, keeping sweat, draughts and cold away from the eyes. With an additional magnetic lens, the goggles can also be adapted to external conditions. With the mirrored CM lens, the 5W1NG protects against too bright sunrays and offers comfort for the eyes. The base of the 5W1NG consists of a contrast-enhancing Quattroflex lens in Ruby Red. Reflections and reflections are thus minimised. The extra large field of view guarantees maximum visibility. On the outside of the lens there is a hydrophobic coating which ensures that dirt and water do not stick to the glass. This means that even a muddy trail or a descent in snowfall is unrestricted fun. The optimum fit of the glasses is ensured by height-adjustable temples and cold-formable nose pads. This allows the glasses to be individually adapted to every face and every nose. Only glasses that fit or can be adjusted like the 5W1NG offer optimal protection and wearing comfort. If you don't have fun with the 5W1NG, it's your own fault.


The Quattroflex technology increases contrasts and filters out disturbing reflections

Hydrophobic Lens
Hydrophobic Lens

Clear vision thanks to water-repellent, stain-resistant nanostructure on the lens


The reflective surface reflects infrared rays


The ceramic material lenses are break-proof and offer 100% protection

Cold Flex
Cold Flex

The glasses can be perfectly adjusted with malleable temple ends and nose pads

Optimized Airflow
Optimized Airflow

Improved vision and protection from draughts thanks to strongly domed lenses and a targeted airflow management that prevents lenses from fogging up

2 component design

Comfortable fit and wearability due to stable frames, with soft arm tips and/or nose pads

adaptable nosepads

Cold-shapeable nose padding fits any nose shape

side protection

Side shields protect against wind and glare from light projections on glaciers and in the mountains

adjustable inclination

Adjustable arm angle to fit to your face

sizes: one size
discipline: Enduro/MTB, Road bike, Ski trip, Glacier, Lifestyle
frame material: plastic
width of glasses: 154
frame type: full border
Farben: pink-green-yellow
shape: mono pane
Filter category: cat. 1, cat. 3
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