Be visible



    Its distinctive design is more than just a visual highlight – it’s also a masterpiece of aerodynamics. The lightweight Inmold construction and wide range of adjustment options such as Run System Ergo Pro and Custom Fit make it the perfect racing helmet for ambitious cyclists who enjoy mountain passes and flat stages, gentle Sunday rides and high-level competition in equal measure.
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    • 139.95 €RRP

    Its clear, modern design stands out from the crowd. The light-weight Twin-Shell construction’s linear bars extending to the back ensure exceptional ventilation and perfect aerodynamics. Fly nets integrated in the vents at the front provide protection against insects. The bevisible model with its bright yellow colour and integrated back light enhances safety through better visibility.
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    • 129.95 €RRP



    Our PANOMA CITY will be joined by a new companion for the 2017 cycling season. The YEDON CITY is a natural for everyday use in the urban jungle, with its extremely lightweight Inmold construction, reflective stickers and straps, and a rear light seamlessly integrated into the helmet shell. Whatever the weather or season.
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    • 99.95 € RRP

    This helmet has all the features which are essential for safe city cycling: reflective stickers and straps, and a detachable rear light for optimum visibility and safety when the light fades.
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    • 79.95 € RRP



    The smallest heads need the greatest protection. In order to provide it, the ALPINA XIMO has an extended, low rear section. The air vents do not allow direct sunlight to reach the head yet still provide ample ventilation. The flat design at the back makes it ideal for use with children’s bike seats and trailers. High visibility is guaranteed by reflective stickers and a detachable Multi-Fit light which is mounted slightly higher than usual.
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    • 44.95 € RRP
  • FB JUNIOR 2.0 Flash

    “Always wear your helmet when riding your bike” – with the FB JR 2.0 FLASH from Alpina, parents may find the reminders aren’t necessary. That’s how good this helmet looks! And the integrated LED rear light vastly improves visibility when the light fades. Now it’s cool to wear your helmet!
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    • 49.95 € RRP


More and more people are getting on their bikes, whatever the time of year, at any time of day and to all sorts of destinations: to the office, to school, to the shops or the park. The Alpina be visible Collection makes sure that you get there safely. Six of the models in the 2017 collection (VALPAROLA RC, CAMPIGLIO, YEDON, PANOMA CITY, FB JUNIOR 2.0 FLASH, ALPINA XIMO FLASH) come in luminous yellow for added safety and a splash of colour to light up a grey day.



    The ALPINA MULTI-FIT LIGHT is compatible with a number of Alpina helmet models, and is easy to attach with an elastic band. The light has three different lighting modes: rotating, flashing and continuously lit LEDs.


    The ALPINA PLUG-IN LIGHT fits neatly into the back of the helmet. A silicon lip ensures a snug fit in the specially designed opening, and the light is easy to remove when necessary. There is a choice of three different LED lighting modes: rotating, flashing and continuous.


    Reflective elements on children‘s and city helmets provide additional protection. Reflective straps, stickers and logos catch the attention of other road users.