Article Number: A8584.5.25

The ALPINA S-WAY isn’t just revolutionary in terms of design, but also in terms of technology. The combination of Quattroflex and Varioflex in one spherical shield lens with a maximum degree of functionality is truly unique.

Please choose your color: darksilver-black


The initial tint of the Quattroflex lens is quite light making it ideal for bad or diffused lighting conditions. By combining it with Varioflex technology, which enables the automatic adaptation of the tint level to the ambient light, its application range is extended to use even in the most glaring sunshine. Reflections and glare are eliminated effectively without reaching the eye.

No matter where or for which sport, the ALPINA S-WAY is always the ideal companion fitting every face perfectly. Adjustable rubberised nose pads, inclinable arms and bendable arm tips ensure optimum adjustment.

Protection level: S1-3

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