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Colour: michael cina black matt / mirror orange

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Order number: A7288833
100% UV-A, -B, -C protection
100% UV-A, -B, -C protection

All Alpina lenses provide 100% UV-A-, -B-, -C-protection and thus guarantee excellent eye protection.

Airframe Venting System
Airframe Venting System

Airframe venting is an intelligent ventilation system for ski goggles. Air vents at the sides and bottom with special foam covers allow a continuous movement of air within the body of the goggles. This circulation of air disperses moisture preventing the lens from misting up.

Double Lens Thermoblock
Double Lens Thermoblock

With Doublelens Thermoblock, an air chamber is created between the two lenses to prevent a cold bridge. As a result, the view is fog-free and always optimal.

over the glasses (OTG)
over the glasses (OTG)

Over the Glasses are designated as the glasses you can wear over normal vision aids. They are designed to allow enough room inside and space on the sides for a glasses frame.

Skid Grip
Skid Grip

Skid Grip is a special rubber coating on the inside of the eyewear strap. They prevent the ski goggles from slipping on the mostly smooth surface of the ski helmet.

Venting Frame
Venting Frame

With a Venting frame, openings are integrated in the frame to ensure outstanding ventilation of the interior. This prevents the lenses from fogging. The air flow is indirect so that there is no draught on the eyes.

cylindrical lens
cylindrical lens

Cylindrical lenses allow a flat, straight-line goggle construction. Compared to a spherical lens, the distance to the eyes is smaller. Thermoblock and Fogstop effectively prevent icing or fogging of the glasses and ensure a clear view.

127 Gram
Area of application
Freeriding, Park skiing, Piste, Skiing, Snowboard
EN 174:2001EN ISO 18527-1:2022
Men, Women
Frame material
thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
Glasses width
186 mm
Frame type
Fit index
Area of application - weather
cloudy, overcast
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