SKYWALSH, Sports glasses

  • 100% UV protection
  • Clear vision thanks to water-repellent, stain-resistant nanostructure on the lens.
  • Clear, undistorted vision thanks to decentred lenses
  • The Fogstop layer on the inside of the lens ensures a fog-free view
  • Comfortable fit and wearability due to stable frames, with soft arm tips and/or nose pads
€99.95 RRP

Colour: black matt / ceramic mirror black

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Order number: A8667031 The new glacier goggles from ALPINA: SKYWALSH. Modern design, maximum protection. The glass with... more
Order number: A8667031
The new glacier goggles from ALPINA: SKYWALSH. Modern design, maximum protection. The glass with protection level 4 and the coverage on the sides make the ALPINA SKYWALSH a pair of glacier goggles without compromises. Only the peak is the limit. The ALPINA SKYWALSH CM is equipped with a ceramic lens that provides 100% protection from UV rays and even reaches glacier standard with protection level 4. Shutters on the straps prevent scattered light from coming in through the side – an essential safety feature in the mountains and on glaciers in order to prevent eye damage. The 2 component design ensures the glacier glasses fit well and are comfortable to wear. The hard rims are robust and lend stability to the ALPINA SKYWALSH, the soft, rubber-coated strap ends and nose pads make it comfortable to wear the glasses.
100% UV-A, -B, -C protection
100% UV-A, -B, -C protection

All Alpina lenses provide 100% UV-A-, -B-, -C-protection and thus guarantee excellent eye protection.


All Alpina ski goggles have a Fogstop coating. This is not smooth but rough - on a microscopic level. This prevents moisture from forming a closed layer. So the lens doesn’t fog up and the view remains clear. 

hydrophobic lens
hydrophobic lens

Hydrophobic is a moisture-repellent nano-structure on the lens that allows water to roll off. Dirt is also transported away. The lens is thus not only clean, but dries faster too.

Ceramic Mirror
Ceramic Mirror

The base material of the lens is ceramic. It is unbreakable, thus providing excellent eye protection.

decentered lenses
decentered lenses

Decentered lenses ensure that there are no distortions in the field of vision. The high-quality decentered lenses from Alpina provide outstanding visibility without distortions. A safety plus on the piste.

30 Gram
Area of application - weather
desert, glacier
Area of application
Glaciers, Skiing, Ski mountaineering, Ski touring
Filter category
cat. 4
Men, Women
Frame type
full border
EN ISO 12312-1:2013 + A1:2015
Frame material
Nylon, thermoplastic polyamide (TR 90)
Glasses width
145 mm
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